When recording an EP or Album the first step in the process is to arrange a pre-production session.

The aim of these sessions is to work through the repertoire, crystalize song structure, the instrumentation, tempos and feels.

A timeline for the project is also established, providing the client with a clear understanding of what will be involved in each scheduled recording session. The outcome is an organized structure and complete vision of the entire recording process.

The Producer

A great arrangement, a solid melody, the correct tempo and the ideal key for a song can truly elevate a track to its best potential.

The producer offers helpful guidance and objective input from both a technical and musical point of view. The producer’s role is to draw out the best performance from an artist, to promote an efficient workflow whilst maintaining a relaxed and creative atmosphere. Also to offer some warm and timely encouragement when required!


A genuine familiarity with the studio and the sonic characters of the space is essential.

This combined with the use of quality equipment and careful microphone placement ensures the capturing of the magic in every performance.

A skilled engineer will enable the performers to do their thing whilst ensuring the sonic detail is recorded in the highest fidelity.


Working with stem files or complete session files from external hard drives or downloaded cloud files.

Mixing for home studio productions, live performance recordings, electronic dance music projects, band demos or professional ‘release quality’ singles, EPs or albums are all available.

The result is controlled and detailed mixes with sonic depth, clarity and separation.